In case you missed Shark Week…



The Discovery Channel, as always, has shown us some amazing things!  Just a few highlights – you can check out the ultrasound of a pregnant tiger shark, hammerheads hunting black tip sharks, and the reason for the surge in great whites off the shores of Cape Cod.

Did you know you can track sharks yourself?  Several apps, including Global Shark Tracker ( and GHRI SharkTracker (UpperZ), allow you to track tagged sharks!  According to GHRI, the closest recent sighting is a Female Mako Shark named Charlotte.  Charlotte has been tracked for 400+ days, and most recently surfaced off the coast of Delaware on 7/1.  Charlotte’s map is seen below.

charlotteMako Shark Charlotte, locations from GHRI

It’s amazing to see how far some of these animals travel!  A male Tiger Shark, Tim H, was tagged off the coast of Bermuda and was last detected off the coast of Venezuela, 1394 days later (8/8/14).

TimHTiger Shark Tim H, locations from GHRI
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