What I did on my summer vacation, Pt 1

I traveled to 4 national parks in Utah and Colorado –

Capitol Reef – where plate tectonics created the Waterpocket Fold and settlers from 1500 years ago left their mark.  There are also the remnants of old uranium mines in the park!


Capitol Reef – view of the Waterpocket fold


Arches – my favorite of all of the parks I’ve visited – is home to 2000 arches made of Entrada and Navajo Sandstone.  It was 100+ degrees most days, so we hiked early in the morning and remembered to carry lots of water!


Just a few of the sandstone formations

Canyondlands (Island in the Sky District) – The power of erosion is apparent – this area is shaped by both the Colorado and the Green river.  A considerable number of rock strata are on display here.


Views of the Green River



Rocky Mountain National Park – The 3rd most visited park last year had a LOT of people at it.  The wildlife here always attracts significant attention and this visit was no exception.


Adult female elk (rt) and moose with baby (left)


Happy 100th birthday, National Park Service!

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