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Climb walls like a gecko?

For years, scientists have studied geckos climbing ability, with the hopes of creating technology that mimics the grip of their feet.  In 2014, DARPA demonstrated the possibility of climbing a glass wall with nothing more than gecko inspired paddles. Gecko’s … Continue reading

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Animals do what?!

Recently, several articles have been published regarding the strange behavior or identity of animals.  For example… Did you know that the praying mantis has been known to eat hummingbirds?  While all 2500 species are known to be predators, 12 species … Continue reading

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New discoveries in the deep ocean

The Marianas Trench is the deepest part of the Earth’s oceans.  NOAA is currently in the middle of an investigation of the seafloor and ecosystems in this area.  From April 20 – July 10 the Okeanos Explorer will be gathering … Continue reading

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